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Warren London

Warren London- Cat Brush

Warren London- Cat Brush

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* The Perfect Tool for Cat Grooming - This cat hair brush gently removes loose fur while also managing dirt, dander, matts, and tangles. Regular brushing distributes natural oils, leaving the coat soft and silky.

* Effortlessly Cleans Itself - This self cleaning cat brush has a simple push button hair release feature that sanitarily pushes hair off of the bristles.

* Safely Remove Tangles without Hurting Your Pet - The rounded edge on the thin wire bristles provides smooth contact with your pets skin while brushing through all lengths of fur.

* Easy To Use - The ergonomic design is specially crafted with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle that makes combing seem effortless.

* Works On All - This versatile brush for cats & kittens works on all sizes of felines with either long or short hair. It is fine to use on dogs too!

Directions: Gently brush in direction of the hair growth without using excess force. Use push button to release excess fur from bristles. 

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