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GoughNuts- Orange Ring

GoughNuts- Orange Ring

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A natural rubber ring toy designed to hold up to tough chewers. The two layer design is built with a red safety indicator that lets pet parents know it is time to take the toy away from your furry friend. Perfect for an interactive game of fetch. A great chew toy option for tough and aggressive chewers. Easy to clean: just use warm water to wipe goughnuts rings clean after a long day of playing

Medium "original" orange ring Dimensions: 1.75 cross sec/5 inch diameter Suitable for dogs 30-70lbs Durability scale score: 80.

Goughnuts Safety Guarantee - If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any Goughnuts ring or stick, green, black, or orange, to expose the red indication layer, Goughnuts will replace your toy.  The "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is a mechanism for the dog owner to see a clear indication of when to take the Goughnut from the dog.

Goughnuts Safety Guarantee applies to all of our products, but the rings and the sticks are the only toys that have the red indicator. (The new Heavy Duty items do not have the safety indicator but are still guaranteed)  Our rings should be used for supervised power chewing.  Our stick, ball, kanolli, kup, flynut, and tug should be considered interactive play toys versus constant or power chewing.  If any of our products are damaged please follow our Safety Guarantee Policy as a mechanism to get your dog a safe undamaged Goughnut.  Sizing is very important.  Bigger dogs need bigger diameter cross sections to help eliminate scissor like chunks that are the primary reason for intestinal blockage.  Please always be conservative and present products that exceed the width of your dogs mouth. 

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